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Our Story

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Nikka, and I started Halcyon Haus in 2020 shortly after my fiancé Austin and I bought our first home together! It was our very first DIY experience, and we had a lot of learns (and laughs) along the way. We've transformed most our our builder-grade house to feeling a bit more like a home, and have been taking on small (to large) DIY projects little by little. My love for home and interior design continued to grow the more I learned about the process, and my goal is to share our learns with you all! Every home is different, and takes a different approach to transform it. We've done everything on a very strict budget, and our plan is to sell this house, and move into a new place to do it all over again (but hopefully on a much larger scale). We hope you join us for the ride and find some inspiration in what we design!


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